Learn how Climastry drives authentic ESG implementation.

Kickstart your next sustainability project with a high-performing, robust templates.

Informed by thought leaders and regulators

Assess your current state. Fast.

Launch from a template or import projects from Salesforce, ADP, SAP, or Asana. Receive emissions estimates and workflow insights immediately.

Set goals and budgets.
  • Import public commitments and connect current projects and operational changes.
  • Choose the frameworks and standards to measure your company against.
  • Get an overview of emissions types, dive into where specific emissions are coming from and how to address them.
Build teams

Import from slack or invite coworkers individually. Teams audit imported projects to ensure relevant projects are tied to commitments.

Inform strategy and everyday decisions.
  • Teams use Climastry to calculate ESG metrics of projects and operations prior to making decisions or changes as part of their new sustainable workflow.
  • Assess risk with scenario analysis and receive AI suggested projects and procurement options to bolster resilience and ESG metrics.
Monitor progress.

Curate a dashboard based on the data you reference most often. Launch geospatial audits to receive and disclose indisputable evidence of land use change and emissions reductions.

Planetary Boundaries

Transition from line graphs, benchmarks, and limits by recognizing planetary and social boundaries (aka Doughnut Economics). Optimize product and operational strategy, visualize your organization's impact, and bring the boundaries back into harmony.

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Fusing data from authoritative and internal sources

  • Climate optimized supply chains
  • Disaster response plans
  • Everyone is in the sustainability team
  • Vetted marketplace of green vendors
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Communication is everything. That's why we've integrated with Arc Publishing, the leading publishing platform and designed a no-frills legal, marketing, and ESG workflow to showcase your sustainability work without the stress of greenwashing.

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Beta Testimonial
"ESG platforms are useless if everyday decisions aren't evolving. Climastry constructively guides suppliers through decisions beyond traditional cost/benefit as required by ESG frameworks while providing an audit trail of these considerations. Greenwashing could be an anxiety of the past and we might soon be able to provide data beyond what's regulatory required for customer requests in much less time".

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