Sustainability management for manufacturers

We help manufacturers build a net zero project portfolio focused on non-offset decarbonization.
Then we show the value of that action to carbon markets.

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50% Emissions ⬇️      
at Net Zero Cost

  • Accelerating and recording work you're already doing
  • Green projects are efficiency projects
  • Shift to nature-positive product portfolio
  • Digital procurement assistant
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Green Project Management

  • Auditable sustainability-only project portfolio
  • Records of decision on sustainability matters
  • Sync operations and accounts
  • ERP and PMIS integrations
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Compliance + Communication

  • Communicate results with employees
  • Deliver robust data to customer inquiries
  • Collaborate on ESG, CSR, and Impact Reports
  • Optional legal and marketing reviews
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Assess current state. Fast.

Step 1: Input sustainability projects from a template or import projects from Asana, Epicor, or SAP.

Step 2: Watch emissions estimates populate.

Inspire action.
  • Define existing sustainability and ESG goals or adopt new ones
  • Refine based on company size and industry
  • Assign budget to projects
Build team.

Invite teammates through Slack, Teams, or email.

Root Cause.
  • Track and understand emissions from operations
  • Identify solutions that meet decarbonization commitments as a team
  • Mobilize workforce to address sustainability issues across the plant
  • Get project-level recommendations for green engineering and procurement
Share progress.
  • Track legal and PR clearance for disclosures
  • Communicate results to employees
  • Efficiently deliver requested data to customers

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