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Draw lines between your work and broad sustainability goals.

SDG Impact
Carbon Accounting
Ultra-Responsive UI
Project ESG Alignment
Extended Onboarding
Regulatory Coverage
Minor Customization
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Multi-jurisdictional coverage and robust scenario analysis.

US SEC Climate Disclosure
Collaborative Proxy Statements
Carbon Pricing Risk
Energy Transition
Water Dependency
Geospatial Audits
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One Platform, Aggregated Insight

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Beta Testimonial
"ESG platforms are useless if everyday decisions aren't evolving. Climastry constructively guides suppliers through decisions beyond traditional cost/benefit as required by ESG frameworks while providing an audit trail of these considerations. Greenwashing could be an anxiety of the past and we might soon be able to provide data beyond what's regulatory required for customer requests in much less time".

Question 1

Can I buy Climastry right now?

Our compliance function is live through our partner PolicyCo. If you would like to purchase our ESG compliance suite available through their platform please head to

For the Climastry platform, we are only accepting beta users that receive discounted rates after launch. At the moment and Climastry isn't yet available for purchase.

Question 2

I want to sign up as a beta user.

Beta users are still welcomed for future iterations of our platform. Get in touch with us to express your interest at

Question 3

Is this a benchmarking service?

Climastry is for driving authentic ESG implementation through your organization to catalyze the systems change needed for the race to Net Zero. We don't benchmark organizations or provide financial insights beyond emissions accounting for mid-size users and carbon pricing risk for enterprise users.

Question 4

How does the money back guarantee work?

All plans come with a full money back guarantee. If you don't like our work, we will refund 100% of the monthly price paid, no questions asked.

Question 5

When and where will I get Climastry?

Immediately after the purchase, setup an account, enter and import some basic company information and start generating insights.